Patient Feedback

"In only my first session he resolved a shoulder complaint I had had for almost 3 months. During the treatment I went from having pain and low mobility in my right shoulder (I could not comfortably lift my arm to the side more than about 30-40 degrees) to having very little pain and improved mobility. Things were even better the next day (as Ben predicted) when the pain had gone and my mobility completely returned (I can now easily lift my arm above 90 degrees and all over the place)!"


"Just to let you know that I haven't been booking more appointments because your treatments seem to have dealt with my rosacea.  I am, after about 7 years, no longer red in the face! Thank you so much.  I really enjoyed my appointments with you, and am impressed with how effective your combination of acupuncture and massage was."


"Previous to supporting me during my pregnancy, e.g. ridding me of cold like symptoms and heartburn, Ben has treated and freed me of my migraine!!!
After suffering from debilitating headaches for most of the past 20 years, Ben's treatments have made them a lot better at first until they vanished entirely. 
His professional and gentle approach has given me the feeling that there is hope and that change starts from within. 
I would recommend him to my dearest and nearest and am only beginning to see what holistic medicine can do."



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